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Net Trade offers best-in-class advertising services as currency in exchange for helping mid-sized businesses quickly and efficiently part with unwanted assets.

Our expertise is working with the middle market because we understand the unique needs you have when it comes to unwanted inventory and unused capacity. Our competitors, mostly owned by big agency holding companies, are accustomed to working with Fortune 500 companies and huge multinational corporations. A mid-sized company just wouldn’t receive the same level of attention. You’d be assigned to the “B” team. You would not be a priority.

Not so with Net Trade. We have a seasoned team of experts with decades of experience working with mid-sized companies, and they understand and care about our clients’ needs. There’s little we haven’t dealt with when it comes to unwanted inventory: we’ve handled hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, ranging from hundreds of thousands of pounds of frozen poultry to tons of scrap metal. We have negotiated beneficial trades on behalf of our clients for those items and countless others over the last twenty-five years.

We understand how critical brand safety is, and we understand the immeasurable value of your current distribution partners. Net Trade will do whatever it takes, whether that requires repackaging items, re-labeling them, or dismantling them entirely and selling the parts. We’ll put in the hours of research to find exactly the right channel for your unwanted assets to get to market – or recommend other options if there’s no safe way to sell them off.

Our expertise with digital media also sets us apart. We can put your trade credit to work generating leads and sales via programmatic advertising through our partnership with MediaCrossing, an award-winning digital agency. We provide all forms of media to help broadcast your message via a highly-effective cross-channel strategy.

Contact us today to learn more about what makes Net Trade truly different and special.

Companies who partner with us know we’ll go the extra mile – not just to ensure your trade is profitable, but also to make certain your brand and distribution channels remain untarnished.

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